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What are the applications of glass fiber in the field of rail transit?
2022-05-18 22:06:41

The application of glass fiber in the field of building materials is mainly in the thermal insulation and waterproofing of exterior walls and roofs, glass fiber reinforced cement and various building materials. The glass fiber waterproofing membrane is made of glass fiber mat as the base and polymer material as the coating material. It has good water permeability, flame retardancy, heat resistance and tensile strength, and is widely used in various ground Waterproofing of building roofs and underground buildings.

Glass fiber reinforced cement is a composite material formed by glass fiber as reinforcement and cement paste or cement mortar as matrix. The characteristics of cement-based building materials are high compressive strength, but low flexural, tensile and impact strength. After adding alkali-resistant glass fiber, it can not only improve the flexural and tensile strength of cement-based, but also improve its The impact strength and durability of the material lay a solid foundation for its wide application.What are the applications of glass fiber in the field of rail transit?

The rail transit field is another important application field of glass fiber. In the field of high-speed railway, in addition to being used as internal equipment and decorative materials, it is also widely used in load-bearing structures such as high-speed railway sleepers. The component made of glass fiber composite material has light weight, high strength and high rigidity, and is an ideal structural component for high-speed rail transit.

The wide application of composite materials in rail transit vehicles plays an important role in reducing the weight of carriages, reducing noise and vibration, improving safety and comfort, and reducing maintenance. For the glass fiber composite industry, this is a new and promising application area.

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