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Compared with aluminum alloy, FRP material advantage analysis
2022-05-18 22:05:43

FRP is also called fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP). It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, good impact toughness, high strength, low mold cost, easy operation, and short development cycle. At the same time, it can achieve high-quality surface textures in any complex form required, making it ideal for passenger car body manufacturing and new product development.

Compared with aluminum alloy, FRP material advantage analysis

FRP is widely used in large interior and exterior covering parts, such as: headliner, front and rear panels, luggage compartment doors, bumpers, instrument panels, air ducts, interior trim parts, etc. The use of FRP increases the corrosion resistance, sound insulation and heat insulation of the body, makes the passenger car lighter, and can save a lot of energy.

The molding methods of FRP mainly include RTM (Resin Mobile Molding) for short injection; SMC (Sheet Compression Molding); Hand lay-up molding, etc. Due to the high investment in the first two items, many of them are still based on hand lay-up.

The main feature of fiberglass City Metro Seats is corrosion resistance, high hardness, ever-changing shapes, customized colors, no need for maintenance, relatively clean and tidy, and high quality and low price. The fiberglass seat is not only smooth in appearance, but also light in weight and strong in strength, which is very convenient to carry.

Compared with aluminum alloy, the advantages of FRP material:

1. Good waterproof, corrosion resistance, oil resistance and solvent resistance;

2. FRP is an excellent waterproof, corrosion-resistant, oil-resistant and solvent-resistant material, so it is widely used in military, aerospace, navigation and other fields and has withstood the test of various harsh environments.

3. Excellent thermal insulation and noise reduction ability, the thermal conductivity of FRP is only 1/100~1/1000 of that of metal, which is an excellent thermal insulation material, coupled with the high-density polyurethane insulation layer used in the middle layer of FRP, FRP is integrally formed The car can have good sound insulation and heat insulation performance, which can bring a comfortable experience of warm in winter and cool in summer, and the car is relatively quiet when driving at high speed.

4. The maintenance cost of FRP is low, the speed is fast, and the strength remains unchanged after repair. Small area damage, car owners with strong hands-on ability can repair it by themselves.

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