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Engineering, Design & Project Management

Shekonic Composites' experienced engineers and project managers are here to ensure your composite manufacturing project is successfully completed on time and on budget. We will manage your project from start to finish and support you in time:

Support your product design team. Bring our engineers in during the early design phase to help optimize your overall system design using composite materials.

Support engineering, design and analysis with professional methods.  Our engineers will help you achieve your design goals. 

Engineering, Design & Project ManagementSupport the conversion from other materials to composite materials

Help you  to reduce cost after value engineer the fiberglass fabrication processes

Manage project schedule and priorities.

Composite Material Selection

Accumulated wide and extensive experience with  composite materials used in the industry. Our engineers can help you determine which materials are optimal for your application ensuring that you meet your performance and quality requirements at the lowest cost. 

Manufacturing Processes

We are professional at different composite manufacturing processes.  We can help you determine the best process for your application. Mainly using processes are :

Manufacturing Processes

Hand lamination

Vacuum infusion & RTM

Vacuum infusion & light RTM (LRTM)

Compression molding

Prepreg vacuum bag layup


CNC Machining

Custom assembly

Tooling Ability : Master, Molds, & Fixtures

Tooling Ability : Master, Molds, & Fixtures

CNC machined masters directly from customer's engineering files

 high-quality production molds that will last thousands of cycles

 Build low-cost temporary tooling for prototypes to minimize expenses and lead-time

Design & fabricate  fixtures to ensure high-quality and repeatable manufacturing processes

Shorter LEAD time and  inexpensive molds.  The average typical mold completion times of less than four weeks.

Contact Information

No. 300 Xianglian Avenue, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou

Jesse Yang  +86 15555123655    Wayne Lee  +86 18101877097

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