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    ​Front Cover for Engineering Truck

    Mea(mm): 2480mm* 466mm* 239mm For 25T Engineering Truck
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    2022-07-29 19:48:26

Front Cover for 25T Truck

2480mm* 466mm* 239mm

The use of fiber reinforced composite parts for agricultural and forestry machinery will bring long-term beneficial value to customers, such as extending the life of machinery and equipment, and increasing the buyer's return on investment by increasing the uptime of machinery and equipment.

Pocket-Exit Door Floor

Application Ref:

• Equipment cases; Body panels and substructures; Cabinets;

• Cases; Electrical insulating elements; Engine covers and panels;

• Fire walls; Floors; Harvesters; Headlamp housings;

• Interior systems; Plow hitches; Trailer components

Shekonic Composites has the ability to offer one stop solution including concept design, prototyping, testing, and parts manufacturing of different composites components in agricultural and forestry industry for equipment and vehicles manufacturers.

Intro To Shekonic Composites

Part of the Shenkonic Group Ltd, Shekonic Composites Co., Ltd is a production entity with 1000 Tons’ annual output. Which is established under more than 10 years international business experiences of Shekonic Group, including R&D, procurement and quality control.

Shekonic Composites has been committed to providing one-stop fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites part & component solutions for manufacturers in the fields of road, rail cars, construction machinery, agricultural and forestry machinery, building fixtures, electrical utility etc.

Enterprise business scope:

• Road 

• Rail 

Construction Machinery ,Agricultural and Forestry Machinery 

• Sports and Leisure Industry ,Building Fixtures 

Electrical Utility 

Handling and Storage 

Air Conditioning System Components

Enterprise core advantage:

Enterprise core advantage.jpg


Our values guide our actions and how we behave in our everyday business. They have enabled us to create an unique culture at Shekonic. Our values are the DNA of our organization, immersed in every member across work experiences and geographies.





Contact Information

No. 300 Xianglian Avenue, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou

Jesse Yang  +86 15555123655    Wayne Lee  +86 18101877097

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