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Shekonic Composites Co., Ltd (Subsidiary of Shekonic Group Ltd) is a manufacturing entity which is established upon the foundation of Shekonic Group Ltd's international business for more than 13 years. On Shekonic Composites devotes to providing one-stop fibre reinforced polymer (FRP) composites components shopping solutions for manufacturers in the fields of transportation, railway, construction machinery, agricultural & forestry machinery, building decoration, electrical utility, etc.









Precision Casting Lever Stainless steel Precision Casting Plate Forging Aluminum Grommet Methyl vimyl silicone rubber Hose Cummins Air Intake Plastic Guard-Switch Prox Cng Fill Rcpt Polypropylene Sheet Hinge-Defroster Door Assy-Double Hinge Hidden Heavy Strap Hinge Fiber Glass 25T-Fenderguard Fiber Glass Pocket-Floor Charger Pure Sine Wave Inverter / Charger Low Frequency Inverter Lamp-Dome LED White LED Lighting Lamp-Awning Exterior 105 Degrees LED Engine Compartment LED Lightweight Cell Storage Device Enclosure Medical Device Cover Cell Freeze Storage Device Cover Cell Freeze Storage Transit Case Lightweight cell storage transfer box Building Fixtures Shop Truck Wheel Cowling Shop Truck Wheel Fender Shop Truck Fender Guard Shop Truck Panel Cover Engineered Wheel Covers Engineering vehicle fender Bus body covers Fire truck mask RV bumper Refrigerated Truck Partition Truck Trim Engine Covers and Panel Mining machine Fiber Reinforced Composites Lightweight aerial work vehicle cover Telescopic boom lift cover Construction Machinery Enclosure Fire Exterior Fuel Tank Guard Fuel Tank Cover Fiber Reinforced Polymer Protecting mask Side Wall Outer Panel Lightweight subway door column FRP Fiberglass GRP Glass Reinforced Plastics glass fiber-reinforced plastic Glass Fiber FRPP gel-coate Carbon Fiber Composite material Composites PU polyurethane CFRP FRP City Metro Seat FRP Subway seat FRP Metro Door Pillar FRP Sidewall panel for Rail driver cabin FRP ART Seat FRP Bus Exterior FRP Bus body covers FRP Battery Box FRP Battery cover FRP Engine Cover FRP Fire engine Back Panel FRP Body Cover for CT FRP Cell Storage ATM Machine FRP Lithium battery cover FRP Battery cover FRP Aviation blade FRP Cannon barrels FRP Interiors FRP Exteriors exhaust pipe Silicone tube Hinge U-bolt Rubber parts canopy lights luggage compartment light/LED Light plastic parts bus bracket casting Inverter car toilet Polycarbonate Engineering Plastic Sheet Speaker FRP Exterior Panels FRP Body Panels FRP Front Facia Structural FRP Seats FRP Roofs FRP Cabinets FRP Wall Panels FRP Load Floors FRP Air Deflectors FRP Air Intake FRP Battery Boxes FRP Covers and Trays FRP Body Panels and Substructures FRP Cases FRP Ceiling Panels FRP Control Panels FRP Corrosion Liners FRP Cowls FRP Dashboards FRP Doors FRP Electrical Insulating Elements FRP Engine Covers and Panel FRP Fan Shroud FRP Fenders FRP Fire Walls FRP Floors FRP Hoods FRP Headlamp Housing FRP Gear Cases FRP Interior Systems FRP Insulators FRP Storage Covers FRP Under Hood Structural Elements FRP Ventilation Grills FRP Wheel Covers FRP Equipment Cases FRP Body Panels and Substructures FRP Electrical Insulating Elements Harvesters Plow Hitches FRP Trailer Components FRP Bath Ware FRP Bases FRP Toilet FRP Shower Walls FRP bathtubs FRP Hot Tub Bases and Covers FRP Commercial Mop Basins (utility tubs) FRP Exterior Door Skins FRP Transformer Housings FRP Transformer Pads FRP Utility Cross-arms and Components FRP Industrial Material Handing Products FRP Food Service Products FRP Proofing Boards and Boxes FRP Pan extenders FRP Prep and Storage Containers FRP Dough Trays and Boxes FRP Serving and Cafeteria Tray FRP Confectionery Products FRP Starch Trays FRP Holding Trays FRP Gum Trays FRP Stock boxes FRP Pharmaceutical Products FRP Gel Cap Drying Trays FRP Storage Trays FRP Condensate Pans FRP HVAC Bases FRP Blower Housings FRP Ski (water) board FRP Snow Board FRP Ice Hockey Sticks FRP Skate and Wake Boards FRP Hand Lay Up processes FRP Spraying processes FRP Winding processes FRP Molding process RTM Lightweight RTM Vacuum Infusion Paint-free process Closed die forming process Preprag Process High pressure RTM PU Injection RTM、L-RTM & Vacuum Infusion closed molding processes handmade glass fibre reinforced plastics Vacuum Assisted RTM Construction Machinery Agricultural & Forestry Machinery Rail way City metro Automation Marine Bus Coach Special vehicle Touring car New Fuel-efficient Vehicle Recreational Vehicle FRP Sanitary FRP Sanitary product FRP Bathroom Products FRP Bath Product military vehicle Windpower Aerial platform Truck Heavy truck Car Auto parts Vehicle Construction machine Ship Loader Dozer Concrete Mixer Agriculture Equipment Forestry Equipment Landscaping Equipment High-speed Train Subway Train Tram LRV Port Equipment Marine Heavy Industry Marine Vessel Electrical Utility Handling and Storage Air Conditioning System Components Sports And Leisure Industry Medical Device Light Rail Vehicle

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No. 300 Xianglian Avenue, Tianyuan District, Zhuzhou

Jesse Yang  +86 15555123655    Wayne Lee  +86 18101877097

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